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Loom Knit Lace Cowl/ Neckwarmer PATTERN. Perfect for a little girl or a woman who loves delicate things. Very Feminine.



The “Serendipity” or “pleasant Surprise” Cowl is a beautiful and delicate loom knit Lace cowl pattern, perfect for a young girl or sophisticated woman. For a warmer/thicker neckwarmer use two strands of yarn instead of one! This neckwarmer will fit young and old and can be knit in any color.

Level: Intermediate+. Pattern has lace stitches. All directions are included.

Sizes: One size fits most. This cowl is delicate and will fit a large range of sizes from child to adult. It can also be adjusted for length if you like!

Loom Needed: 66 peg, ½” peg spacing, round loom. Pattern works on any loom with peg #’s divisible by 6.