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Loom Knit Scallop Stitch Slipper Sock PATTERN! Similar to Crocodile Stitch! Adult Size. Available for instant download! PATTERN ONLY!


Loom Knit Scallop/Crocodile Slipper Sock Pattern

Pattern Description:  This is a Pattern for Loom Knit Scallop Stich Slipper Socks. Cozy, warm and cute, these slipper socks would make a perfect gift once knit! Scallops look similar to the crochet crocodile stitch! Slippers can be knit in a solid color, variegated yarn or change colors at the end of each row as seen in the sample. This will give endless color combinations and looks! 

Size: Teen/Adult Size.

Loom:  Pattern uses a 24 peg round, large gauge loom (blue Knifty Knitter used in pattern). 

Level:  It is suitable for the beginner+ to intermediate loomer. All steps are explained and a glossary is included with each pattern.