Over 200 Original Loom Knitting Patterns for all Levels!

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Loom Knit Wash Cloth Patterns. (7) unique patterns included. Learn (7) Loom Knitting Stitches while Looming these cloths! PATTERN ONLY!


Loom Knit Dish Cloth Patterns. Seven unique patterns included. Learn 7 loom knitting stitches!

Description:  Seven unique loom knit wash cloth patterns. Loom knit these cotton wash cloths and learn new and beautiful stitches at the same time. Some of the stitches included are basket stitch, Fleck stitch, bow/butterfly stitch, garter, seed/moss and diagonal. Each wash cloth pattern features its’ own stitch which can be applied to other loom knitting projects OR just knit these little beauties for your own kitchen or as a gift. Patterns range from easy to advanced and include a glossary of terms. They can be modified to any size loom (this is up to the loomer using pattern repeats).

Loom:  All Patterns were done on a loom with 5/8” peg spacing and a minimum of 24 pegs (purple, round, Knifty Knitter used). A glossary of terms is included with each pattern.

Loom Needed: These patterns are made for any 5/8" peg spacing loom with a minimum peg count of 24 (48 peg Purple round or 24 peg round, blue Knifty Knitter or CinDWood makes them, 24 peg bright green boye, etc. )