Loom Knit Santa Scarf Pattern (Free)

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Loom Knit Skinny Santa Scarf Pattern

(Free Pattern)



  • Knitting Tool
  • Crochet hook
  • Yarn/tapestry needle
  • Measuring tape
  • Suggested Looms and yarn
    • 3/8” Peg Spacing, Use 50 pegs. Use 1 strand of yarn.
    • ½” Peg Spacing, Use 36 pegs. 1 to 2 strands yarn held together, knit a swatch to determine.
    • ¾” Peg Spacing, Use 24 pegs. Use 2 strands of yarn.

Yarn:  Suggested yarn; 1 skein or less each, White eyelash (any short eyelash type) and Buttercream Luxe Craft Angel Hair, White,  #5 weight, Pounds of love tan and bright red #4 worsted. This is a good stash buster scarf!

Gauge:  Use a measuring tape.

Size:  Will vary with loom used. Knitting a swatch is a good idea to test gauge with yarn chosen. You will need extra width to allow the scarf to roll.

Pattern Notes

  • Scarf is knit from the beard to top of the hat.
  • Scarf is designed to roll, giving it its’ skinny look. If you do not want your scarf to roll, add edge sts. Please note that the scarf will be much wider than photo if you do this as it will lay flat.
  • Both ends are gathered to help scarf roll inward.
  • Experiment! This scarf also looks great knit as a tube scarf, use the same number of pegs but knit in the round.
  • The e-wrap knit stitch is not recommended for this pattern.


Foundation row:  Before casing on cut a length of yarn twice as long as pegs used. Chain Cast on with white Buttercream (see above for yarn amounts). Thread yarn through tapestry needle, take yarn through loops on all pegs, then leave hanging. This yarn will be used to pull scarf in at the bottom.


Row 1:  Knit (Use u-knit or regular knit st)

Repeat row 1 until total knitting measures 4 ½” inches.

Cut White, change to tan.


Row 1:  Knit.                         

Repeat row 1 until Face measures 2 ½”. Total knitting should measure 7 inches.

Cut Tan. Change to White and Eyelash yarn, Hold 1 strand of each and knit them as one (all looms).

Hat Band

Row 1:  Knit

Rep row 1 until total knitting measures 8 ¾” inches.

Cut Working yarn, change to Red.                         

Santa’s Hat

Row 1:  Knit

Repeat row 1 until total knitting measures desired length. Sample scarf is 47 inches long.

Bind off using gather method.

Finish:  Weave in ends. Gather knitting at both ends of the scarf and secure. Make bobble for nose (see below). Sew nose to center of face. Duplicate stitch eyes (1 stitch for each eye, see photo for placement). Make a bow using 1 strand eyelash and 1 strand white and attach just underneath Santa’s nose. Make a 3 inch pom-pom for each end of the scarf.

(MB) Make bobble: E-wrap peg 5 (larger gauge looms) or 7 times (smaller gauge looms). Reach below peg and pick up the 1st e-wrap st and place it on peg. Bind off and pull bobble tight. Leave a tail for sewing onto Santa’s face.

How to Duplicate Stitch-Click Here!


nice post

nice post

Thank you Jenny!

Thank you Jenny!

Santa Scarf

I just wanted to say thank your for sharing you adorable Santa Scarf

You're welcome Sherri! Thank

You're welcome Sherri! Thank you for your nice words!

Santa Scarf

Hey, that looks amazing!



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